21st-century kampung

Come visit an undiscovered flavour that's uniquely Singapore.

Kind is karmic


The cooking lesson was excellent & the home garden so inspiring. It was wonderful to sit with three generations of the one family & hear their stories and share their aspirations over a fantastic home cooked meal.

Bronwyn, AirBnb

A perfect place and moment to cut off from bustling Singapore and its intensity. The reason for coming is the cooking, however, the experience with Mommy Soh and her assistants goes way beyond a simple cooking class: the pleasure of sharing personal stories, learning about the ingredients, exploring the herbs garden while seamlessly preparing the recipe you have chosen makes this experience unique. It’s an informal cooking class that leaves you with a happy heart after the session. Additionally, the open air kitchen is such a bliss.

Donna, Airbnb

We had a lovely time with mama Soh! It was almost as if we were being transported to a different era and place.. Mama Soh instantly became our grandma for the day! She just knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We got to learn to love nature all over again... “from garden to table” is just the right phrase to describe Mama Soh’s food. Simple, healthy, refreshing, yet magical..

Janell airbnb

GIY(Grow it yourself) sticks

Beginner farmers who overwaters their plants?

Self-watering like nature intended. No batteries, no apps, no fuss.

"Peace talks" Tees

Limited edition shirts that commemorate the 2016 landing of Trump and Kim in Singapore, in true local sarcasm.