Collection: Imagination is your superpower!

This is a special parent and child session where the child nurtures their imagination and the parent rediscovers theirs. One parent and child (btwn Pri 1 to 6) will learn the games and techniques I taught my children. I will conduct it with my daughter Ava, as Dylan is currently in Finnish high school.

I believe the future is doing the things machines can’t do like imagination, creativity and invention. That’s why my kids have published a book, spoken at Ted X, had a successful Kickstarter, designs and makes clothing, and is creating a jewellery collection.

You will also receive a self-watering GIYstick, Big Red Dot book and vegetarian noodles with vegetables from our urban farm. Please come 15mins earlier than the appointed time to One Kind House.

I’m a Chief Creative Officer who has worked in NY and Asia and a President Design Award Nominee. So I know a thing or two about creativity.

Please double check the dates you booked above.

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